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Aren’t we living in a hectic world with no proper nutritious diet or sleep? If you nod your head, then it’s time to awake and modify your lifestyle! We must teach the next-gen sprouts to eat right and nutritious. If we’re not doing that, we can not expect in their routine too! So, it’s time to switch to a healthy lifestyle where we get our healthy body and soul at the right place! 

Cobalamin has amazing health benefits! Confused? Vitamin B12 is addressed as cobalamin, and it is one of the essential nutrients for a healthy body and mind. Deficiency of B12 can cause serious neurological syndromes, depression, and other health risks. In this blog post, let’s explore the bits and pieces of the health benefits of Vitamin B12 to your body!

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Health benefits of Vitamin B12 to your body from head to toe!

Ailment and prevention of depression

Cobalamin has a significant role in serotonin production that prevents clinical depression. Old-age people and adults with vitamin B12 deficiency are more likely to be depressed than people with appropriate nutrition levels. These nutrients can also treat and prevent mood disorders in people. 


Studies reveal that B12 deficiency can cause dementia and memory problems in human beings. This is considered the essential nutrient for neurons in the brain and could prevent loss of neurons which causes dementia and other risks. Lower B12 intake can account for memory loss in older adults and could be affecting all ages when accumulated with improper nutrition. 


Vitamin B12 deficiency accounts for damage in the nervous system that is connected to the optic nerve and can affect the eyesight. Regular supplementing of B12 can reduce the homocysteine in the bloodstream, reducing the risk of macular degeneration, which causes blindness in older adults. 

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Oral health

Improper Cobalamin levels in the body can cause tongue inflammation which may cause pain while eating and speaking. The inflammation may cause swell, smoothness, stretched taste buds, and then finally, the taste buds may disappear on longer. 


B12 deficiency can cause high levels of homocysteine that leads to increased risks of heart diseases. Nutritionists reveal that combined B12, B6, and folic acid supplement is efficient in reducing the heart risks. These supplements can build the blood and artery walls that cause major heart diseases. 


Cobalamin plays a major role in producing RBCs in blood cells. The low levels of B12 in the diet cause underdeveloped red blood cells in the bloodstream and causes inflammation over the period. The larger the RBC size, the less mobile it becomes and does not move into bone marrows. This causes megaloblastic anemia in humans and causes a lack of transportation of oxygen, accounting for fatigueness. 


We all have been educated to drink a lot of water and eat a fiber-rich diet to ensure proper gut health. But, researchers confess that vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause gut issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss. In some cases, B12 deficiency can be the direct cause of gut issues, and in others, it can be the backend creator of problems. Even though the exact reason for the stomach-related issues is not figured out, B12 contributes to intrinsic factors that are absorbed by the small intestine for bowel movements. 

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Pregnancy care

Lack of vitamin B12 can cause neural tube birth defects and lower birth weight in some pregnant moms. In worst cases, the deficiency of cobalamin can cause miscarriages and birth defects in newborns. The lower levels of B12 can cause neural diseases and birth defects in the babies from birth.

On the contrary, pregnant moms with appropriate and excessive levels of B12 have babies who don’t cry excessively and better neural system.

Vital activities

Unaddressed nerve damage can cause tingling and numbness, which causes altered ability to move and postures. Adequate levels of cobalamin can support bone health which improves posture and ability to motor skills. The more you are active; it’s more likely to prevent health issues. 

Wrapping with sources of B12

Vitamin B12 is rich in ham, lamb, eggs, dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, fish, pork, beef, fortified cereals, clams, and much more. A nutritious diet with appropriate levels of Vitamin B12 can reduce the above-mentioned risks and bring out a healthy you!

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