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we use traditional milking methods to give you the most fresh and pure milk to give you and your family more nutritious (and safer!) A2 milk in chennai.



Pure Ghee In Chennai

Don’t want to or can’t take butter? Enjoy our ghee as an alternative today.

Premium Ghee

Premium Ghee

We offer quality, pure Ghee in Chennai and will get it to you no matter where you are in the city.

Grass-fed Cows

Grass-fed Cows

We source our milk from grass-fed cows milk. Hence, all our cows are healthy.

100% Organic

100% Organic

Our pure ghee is as natural as can be. No added chemicals or impurities.

Lactose and Casein-Free

Lactose and Casein-Free

The pure ghee products from our farm have zero lactose and casein in them.

01. Makes your Skin Glow

Ghee has been an integral part of skincare beauty rituals in the past. The fatty acids are nourishing agents that infuse your dull skin to make it supple and soft. It works for all skin types and hydrates the skin cells.

02. Great Source of Energy

Ghee has short and medium-chain fatty acids and of these lauric acid is an important antifungal and antimicrobial substance that also helps to give energy. It is common to see nursing mothers eating ladoos with a lot of ghee.

03. Keeps you Warm During Cold Periods

Ghee has a property that keeps your body warm from within making it an integral part of winters in India. It is not uncommon to see ghee in several winter preparations such as pinni, moong dal, and so on.

04. Prevents Constipation

If you’re having any issues with your bowel movement, ghee could come in handy to help. Taking spoonsful of ghee and hot milk before bed has proven to be an effective strategy for relieving constipation mildly.

The Best Pure Ghee in Chennai!

Our dairy products are the best because they contain all-natural ingredients with none of the chemicals most diary farms add to theirs. We’re bringing back traditional diary products to Chennai. Feel free to contact us if you need help finding a specific product.

Get your A2 milk now!

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    Hear From Our Customers!

    I was missing the rich taste of desi cow’s milk in the metropolitan city! However, I found Kabilai delivering milk products at doorstep within 8 hours of milking as farm fresh chilled milk packets without any adulteration. I trusted them and I’m enjoying the rich, creamy texture of traditional cow’s milk everyday effortlessly now!


    Hear From Our Customers!

    I prefer Kabilai for their care for the environment and consumers with high quality standards and perfect packaging on eco friendly milk packets! It’s been a year since I started subscribing for their monthly subscription plans and I must applaud for not disappointing me even for a day!


    Hear From Our Customers!

    Being a homemaker, I’m particular about the hygiene and quality standards of milk I purchase for my family! Kabilai delivers farm fresh hygiene milk with rich texture and taste of traditional cow’s milk on doorstep. They ensure high standards in milk products with various quality checks.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the benefits of pure desi ghee?

    Pure desi ghee has enormous benefits to shower on our body. It helps in clogged nose, gut health in particular for babies, heart risks, skin rashes, lip cracks, and much more. This is a good source of fat for vegetarians.

    2. What's the color of pure ghee?

    Usually in pale yellow or golden color. If the ghee melts immediately in heated pan and turns brownish its of pure form. If you are ready to test the purest ghee in store, take a teaspoon and place them on your palm, it must melt by itself with your body temperature.

    3. Does pure ghee contain trans fat?

    Pure ghee does not contain transfatty acids. Vegetable ghee used in some restaurants and other unofficial sellers contain these trans fats which is bad for health. Pure ghee is just a clarified butter!

    4. Can pure desi ghee be used for daily cooking?

    Pure Desi Ghee is a better choice for every day cooking than refined oils. This does not contain trans fat and boosts immunity in all age-groups. When cooked in high-flame, this is the best kind of cooking oil you can use!