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we use traditional milking methods to give you the most fresh and pure milk to give you and your family more nutritious (and safer!) A2 milk in chennai.



Who are we?

We are the Number 1 solution for people who are tired of the contaminated and processed milk sold in the markets of Chennai.

We serve people who want fresh, good-tasting milk delivered at their doorsteps ASAP.

At Kabilai farms we have set out to give our customers access to fresh, quality milk and dairy products. We also sell these products at highly affordable prices.

  • Our ultimate goal is “To bringing back the traditional taste of milk to this generation”, and we are working towards the goal.
  • We have our farm, we prepare our fodder for our cattle, and we have our breeding bulls too.
  • We deliver our products fresh to you anywhere in Chennai.

Our Mission

We aim to be a forefront farming company with the highest standards in the industry. People living in metropolitan areas find it difficult to get access to fresh and high-quality agricultural produce. We set out to bridge that gap by supplying our diary and agricultural produce fresh to consumers without negatively affecting the profits of the farmers.

Our process makes sure that all the farmers get the benefits and profits they deserve so they can keep supplying quality produce. The agricultural industry has been hit hard by events going on in the world but we will not let that stop us. To encourage more local entrepreneurs in the villages, we give them the profits they are due. This will lead to an influx of fresh new farmers with a lot of drive and commitment to produce high-quality products.

What we offer?

At Kabilai Farm we are committed to supplying fresh cow milk and other dairy products to consumers in Chennai city. What initially started with 10+ customers focusing on just Keelkatallai in Chennai now services almost all of Chennai with over 200 customers and 10+ dealers.

We preserve the milk quality from day one so it gets to you fresh. Our customers stay with us because of the unrivaled quality we provide and even when they travel to other places, they still ask that we supply to their new locations.

Our main challenge with delivering our quality milk is its shelf life. Averagely fresh milk has a shelf life of 6 hours which could vary depending on the climate. It takes a lot of work to get it across to our customers fresh and in good quality as we have promised. We give our all to ensure our customers get exactly what they want and in good condition. This is why we haven’t spent a whole lot on marketing our brand and the bulk of our customers are from referrals. We can proudly say “Our quality speaks for us”.

Our Products

Our History

This company started with a simple dream and a story. I always dreamt of being a businessman right from my childhood. So any business I came across, I observed their day-to-day and dealings. I would go to hotels, supermarkets, and basically any business establishment to watch how they project their companies. I was always trying to pick something from everywhere I went.

I didn’t start anything until the day I visited a teashop and understood the value of even the smallest priced products. At the teashop, I requested tea and it was given in a paper cup. I wanted tea in a glass cup so I requested it and I’ll never forget what the vendor said: “we can’t wash 1000 glass cup in one day”. And so it struck me selling tea amounts to about 10000 Rs just like that.

Then I decided to expand on what I already had a background in. I was born and brought up in a farming family and as a kid played around with cattle a lot. I decided to look at the biggest challenge in profit-making with my family and other farmers. Serving just the rural areas, we were not getting a lot of profits from our milk and other products. Also, in the metropolitan cities, people did not have access to fresh quality milk and so we decided to be the link.

February 2018: We started with a dairy farm with only 10 cattle.

July 2018: We deployed our first outlet in Chennai with 30 liters of milk and 10+ customers

Today: We almost cover the whole of Chennai with over 200 customers and more than 10 dealers

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just like you, and everybody else in the world the pandemic has had a profound effect on how we conduct business. Words like “pandemic,” “social distancing,” “lockdown,” etc which were foreign to us became part of our everyday vocabulary. Start-up companies had a lot of challenges to overcome and it discouraged the younger generation from entrepreneurship.It was also a challenging period for us at Kabilai Farm and we had to adjust to the times. A lot of our employees who are part-time workers left the city. So the remaining employees come for delivery very early in the morning and once it is past 7:30 am they would resume at their other job.

Lots of our customers also left the city, so there was a drastic reduction in the number of people we were servicing. For comparison, we had over 250 customers in January 2020, and in May 2020, that number had gone down to just over 70 customers.

We preserved and continued working because Kabilai  Farm provides an essential service, so we were not going to let the pandemic affect us. Our customers that stayed in the city were spread all over Chennai, so to serve them without any hitches, we had to hire an external delivery service. Because of the short notice and the pandemic we were paying a lot to the delivery person (more than double what we were paying before). We made our plans and decided to survive and stay in business until December 2020. It would be counted as a success for us.

Thanks to our planning and coordination, we successfully overcame the pandemic. Most of our customers are back in the city, employees have returned, and business is returning to normal. Although we haven’t attained the level of success recorded in February 2020, we are confident that in no time we will reach and surpass it.

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