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we use traditional milking methods to give you the most fresh and pure milk to give you and your family more nutritious (and safer!) A2 milk in chennai.


Taste The Fresh Milk
As Pure As Your Mom’s!

Kabilai Organic Fresh Milk

Kabilai community hearkens the nature’s beauty of greenish farms, crystal waters and cares for the cows under the bluish sky. Our tribal culture of farming with green pastures, chiming cowbells, blissful sunset, are our beautiful sites and we’re in perfect synchronism with god’s nature gifts!

Strictly Not Your Packet / Processed Milk!

It’s time to switch to a healthy lifestyle!

❌ Milk stashed from thousands of small-scale farmers without strict adherence to quality compliances.

❌ Rampant use of Oxytocin hormone injections to increase milk yield reaches into the cow’s milk you consume indirectly.

❌ Over dosage of antibiotics on cows because of poor sanitary conditions.

❌ Cattle feed is treated with economy pesticide for lucrative benefits.

❌ Milk stash freezed after 2-4 hours of milking which leads to increase in bacteria load.

❌ The poor cold-chain infrastructure leads intermediaries to add on hydrogen peroxide and formalin to enhance the shelf-life of milk and prolong its nature.

❌ On an average, in India one in two cows are infected with mastitis that leads to higher SCC(Somatic Cell Count) in cow’s milk(>1 million cells/ml).

❌ Homogenization and processing of packet milks alters fat, protein and other composition of cow’s milk.

❌ The long supply chain paves the way to deliver milk only after 96 hours of milking.

❌ Researches reveal that 70% of processed milk is restored with skimmed milk powder.

✅ Fresh milk stashed from our single large farm that qualifies 20 different quality norms before packaging.

✅ Hormone injections, antibiotics, and other toxic chemicals are banned in our Kabilai farm and we strictly follow government compliances.

✅ We ensure strict quarantine of our cattle’s in our wide spread 10 acre farm with round the clock monitoring and healthy feed.

✅ Natural cattle feed farmed with care across 80 acres of pastures that ensures toxin free, delicious milk.

✅ Milk stash freezed to 40c within seconds of milking that minimizes the chance of bacterial load.

✅ Kabilai is equipped with world-class cold-chain amenities to maintain freshness and purity of cow’s milk till your doorstep.

✅ Sanitization and disinfection of cow milk teats are done before and after milking to ensure minimal SCC count(<300,000 cells/ml) in our milk.

✅ Our milk is 100% non-homogenized, fresh, creamy, pure cow’s milk.

✅ No intermediaries, no lapse, no adulteration or contamination, reaches consumers within 8 hours of milking.

✅ Kabilai delivers milk everyday with 100% guarantee of purity, freshness and nature’s taste without any additives or alteration.

5-Point Purity Promise

Kabilai ensures freshness and purity of cow’s milk from our grass to your glass!
Here’s our 5-point purity promise oath to our consumers!

Packet Milk Delivery Cycle

Kabilai ensures freshness and purity of cow’s milk from our grass to your glass!
Here’s our 5-point purity promise oath to our consumers!

Kabilai Milk Delivery Cycle

Kabilai ensures freshness and purity of cow’s milk from our grass to your glass!
Here’s our 5-point purity promise oath to our consumers!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Makes Kabilai Milk Best?

Our farm fresh milk is filled with nature’s goodness and top-notch quality standards that have multiple health benefits.

  • High nutritional value- Omega-3, CLA, PUFA & Vitamin E.
  • Untouched after milking. Delivered at doorstep without middlemen ensuring zero adulteration.
  • Devoid of growth, oxytocin hormones to yield more supply.
  • Devoid of antibiotics, steroids. If the cow falls sick, they are completely quarantined from others to avoid spread of disease.
  • Devoid of pesticides. We feed our cows with our own cattle feed across 100 acres of land, ensuring we deliver 100% toxin free cow’s milk to our consumers.
  • Devoid of skimmed milk powder to standardize or homogenized milk.

2. How Can You Be Assured of Purity?

Research reports of the National Dairy Research Institute reveal that more than 70% processed milk is unsafe and adulterated. Major amounts of milk sold by dairies and established milk brands are laced with urea, detergents, paints, formalin or hydrogen peroxide.

On the contrary, Kabilai milk is delivered fresh everyday with 100% guarantee of purity and zero adulteration. Our milk comes directly from our cattle farms and is strictly devoid of adulteration and collection from unknown sources. From cow’s teat to your doorstep, our milk undergoes stringent quality inspection and care to ensure we deliver 100% pure milk.

3. Does Kabilai Milk Tastes Different?

Yes! Of course, you’d taste the freshness & purity of cow’s milk! Our milk is unprocessed, naturally freezed to have a rich, creamy taste and pleasant aroma that many of our next-gen sprouts would never have experienced!

4. Do You Need To Boil This Milk?

Kabilai is India’s first ready-to-serve farm fresh cow’s milk. Our milk undergoes an in-line safe pasteurization process that makes it safe to drink right in our sanitized bottles without compromising on freshness and nutritional value.