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we use traditional milking methods to give you the most fresh and pure milk to give you and your family more nutritious (and safer!) A2 milk in chennai.



A2 Milk In Chennai

Looking for quality milk you can take in Chennai? Try our trusted, top-notch A2 milk.



We get our milk fresh from our herd of healthy cows, just the way you like it.



Our milk is prepared in the best environments with traditional methods.



No toxic chemicals or preservatives. We have 100% natural milk from cows.


Sanitary Environment

Kabilai Farms takes sanitation seriously. Feel free to stop by and see for yourself.

01. Safe for Lactose Intolerant People

Unlike regular A1 milk, if you’re lactose intolerant there is no harm in consuming A2 milk. It does not cause any inflammatory response and you can enjoy it without any gastrointestinal discomforts whatsoever.

02. Strong Bones and Teeth

A2 milk is filled with calcium which is great for building strong bones and teeth. It could be very essential for proper development especially at a young age. Taking it regularly with your drinks, cereals, or whatsoever will ensure your body gets the regular calcium intake necessary.

03. Free of Any Hormones and Antibiotics

We raise our cows to produce milk without any hormones or antibiotics. Our milk is fully natural and safe, gotten from healthy cows. We feed our cows home-grown fodder and treat them in the best possible conditions.

04. Full of Nutrients

A2 milk has high amounts of Omega 3 which helps reduce cholesterol in the blood vessels. Cerebrosides also present in A2 milk can be great for boosting brain power which makes the milk very good for kids with developing brains.

The Best A2 Milk in Chennai!

Our dairy products are the best because they contain all-natural ingredients with none of the chemicals most diary farms add to theirs. We’re bringing back traditional diary products to Chennai. Feel free to contact us if you need help finding a specific product.

Get your A2 milk now!

    Don’t Believe Us;
    Believe in Our Customers!
    Try Our A2 Milk!

    Hear From Our Customers!

    I was missing the rich taste of desi cow’s milk in the metropolitan city! However, I found Kabilai delivering milk products at doorstep within 8 hours of milking as farm fresh chilled milk packets without any adulteration. I trusted them and I’m enjoying the rich, creamy texture of traditional cow’s milk everyday effortlessly now!


    Hear From Our Customers!

    I prefer Kabilai for their care for the environment and consumers with high quality standards and perfect packaging on eco friendly milk packets! It’s been a year since I started subscribing for their monthly subscription plans and I must applaud for not disappointing me even for a day!


    Hear From Our Customers!

    Being a homemaker, I’m particular about the hygiene and quality standards of milk I purchase for my family! Kabilai delivers farm fresh hygiene milk with rich texture and taste of traditional cow’s milk on doorstep. They ensure high standards in milk products with various quality checks.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What Is A2 Milk?

    Milk comprises of 8g of protein per 8 ounces glass. Milk protein contains two major components such as casein and whey. Casein is the major contributor of milk protein and 𝜷-casein is the primary protein source that produces A1 and A2 variations in milk. A1 and A2 milk differs in the chemical structure of amino acids. A2 milk is the original milk that resists lactose intolerance and is produced by desi cows.

    2. Why should we drink A2 milk?

    Milk is a beverage that can never be denied by humans with high nutritional value. A2 milk is rich in nutrients and it prevents from osteoporosis, acid refluxes, eyesight disorders, and other major nutrient deficiency disorders. The reason behind the preference of A2 milk is it can be consumed even by lactose intolerance people.

    3. Where do you buy A2 milk from?

    Organic A2 milk can be bought from kabilai dairy farms that delivers purest A2 milk without any adulteration at your doorstep within specified period of milking. Remember, we delivered the milk at your doorstep within 8 hours of milking!

    4. Which cows produce A2 milk in India?

    Indian cow’s are of vast varieties and covers around 26 breeds. Out of which Tharparkar, Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir, Kangeyam, Brahman produces rich A2 milk to the most.

    5. Why is A2 milk so expensive?

    A2 milk producing cows are broadly available only certain countries like India, South Africa. These cattles require fresh feeds and gazing farms to produce nutritious milk. Moreover, as the demand for A2 milk is more than supply, it becomes expensive in certain regions.

    6. Who should drink A2 milk?

    No limits! Everyone can consume A2 milk despite their age. The only thing that makes lactose intolerance people happy is they can do join the crew. Yes! A2 milk can be consumed by all people despite the lactose intolerance.