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we use traditional milking methods to give you the most fresh and pure milk to give you and your family more nutritious (and safer!) A2 milk in chennai.


Chennai's Best Farm Fresh Cow Milk Service

Kabilai farm rejuvenates the tribal farming and renders its consumers with farm fresh cow’s milk strictly with no modern antibiotics, hormone additives, and toxic chemicals. Our milk has its nature’s rich milk flavor, creamy texture, pleasant aroma which our humanity would have shrugged off from usual routine due to the inception of processed milk. Let’s get back to the tribal days of tasty, farm fresh cow milk and live a healthy life!

a2 milk and farm fresh cow milk

A2 Milk & Fresh Cow Milk

We have top-grade A2 milk & fresh cow milk produced by our in-house cows and farmers. Just order our quality A2 milk & fresh cow milk and we'll deliver to you ASAP anywhere in Chennai.

best ingredients for our cows

The Best Ingredients

We ensure our customers always get the best possible product by only feeding our cows with organic ingredients. You can rest assured all of our dairy products are 100% natural and organic. Your health and satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

biggest dairy milk farm

The Biggest Milk Farm

Our large milk farm is capable of supplying enough products without putting a strain on the cows. We have 15 desi cows on our farm which are a mix of the breeds GIR, Sahiwal, and Rathi to ensure you get the best possible products.

bottled fresh cow milk

Bottled Fresh, Everyday

Our cow’s milk is extracted and rapidly chilled to 40c. It’s then stashed in safe and sanitized glass bottles to preserve the quality and freshness of Kabilai’s milk.

zero adulteration

Zero Adulteration

We ensure our consumers with quality and 100% purity from our farms and hence we do not collect milk from other dairy farms or sources.

Milk Quick Home Delivery

Quick Home Delivery

You need to get the goodness of our milk with the best quality, and taste. Our delivery bees would reach your door under a cold chain within 8 hours of milking!

Our Farming Culture

We work in a fully hygienic environment and make sure our cows are treated properly so they will always be in good health to produce quality products. Before we started the farm, our experts conducted extensive research on the quality of milk available in today’s market. So many milk products are now synthetic or have a degree of chemical elements in them. Thankfully, at Kabilai Farm, we strive to bring the original and traditional taste of milk back to the market.

Our Diary Production

We take great care in our production processes from beginning to end to ensure we deliver quality consistently. Our farmers are well trained and have the necessary qualifications to handle the cows and process our products on the farm. We pasteurize the milk to kill the microbes in a fully hygienic environment. All of our dairy products are made with traditional methods and without the addition of chemicals or preservatives.

Fresh Cow Milk


A2 Milk


Fresh Paneer


Pure Ghee

Kabilai Farm Happy Healthy Cows

Happy Cows; Happy Milking

Kabilai’s farm is preserved as nature’s gift with advanced amenities for the care and comfort of our cows’ family. We believe that happy cows yield fresh, delicious and best-tasting milk, and hence our duty’s just preserving their natural lifestyle!


Happy Customers




Milk Products


Indian Desi Cow Breeds

Pure Ghee

Recipe For Our Quality

A combination of natural procedures, end-to-end intervention, and the best hands is our secret recipe for making top-shelf products better than any of our competitors. We use ancient methods and traditional processes that have been perfected over time. Some of these processes have been used for centuries to give quality dairy products for several generations. We do not add any artificial preservatives or chemicals to preserve the quality of our products.
Kabilai Farm Pasteurized Organic Cow Milk

Taste It Fresh & Chill

Kabilai serves India’s first ready-to-serve fresh cow’s milk that’s untouched after milking to stashing. Our in-line pasteurization process makes our farm fresh milk safer for serving without any processing.

Kabilai Farm No Growth Hormones

Our Next-Gen Children's Deserve The Best!

The small farmers inject their cows with Oxytocin, a hormone that increases milk supply in mammals, and is banned in India under section 12 of Food and Drug Adulteration Prevention Act, 1960. Researches reveal that consuming these hormones on daily-basis will increase the chances of early puberty and breast cancer in girl children. Kabilai milk is safe and free from toxins, hormones and other chemicals, because we take the oath of raising our next-gen children’s healthier!

Kabilai Farm Flexible Milk Subscription

Leisure & Subscribe To Our Flexi Plans

Kabilai offers easy manageable subscription plans for its consumers. Manage your delivery schedules, pause your delivery during vacations without extra charges, pay bills with just a few clicks from the comfort of home with our efficient call support or through WhatsApp chat.

The Finest Dairy Products

We have some of the best dairy products you can find in any market. Our products are a2 milk, fresh cow milk, paneer, butter, and ghee all specially prepared so you get the best nutritional value.


Our Paneer is made with a hygienic homemade method that ensures you get pure, authentic, and delicious products. The only external ingredient we add is lemon, which we combine with hot milk to separate the paneer. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind in it.


Get our delicious and luscious butter churned from our quality A2 milk. It's fully natural, nutritious, and healthy. Our butter is rich in medicinal value to promote your wellness.


Made with traditional methods, our ghee is one of our most premium products. We boil the milk and prepare it as a curd before hand-crushing it to make it as buttermilk from the curd. Next, we take butter and use it to prepare the ghee.


From Kabilai Farms!

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Hear From Our Customers!

I was missing the rich taste of desi cow’s milk in the metropolitan city! However, I found Kabilai delivering milk products at doorstep within 8 hours of milking as farm fresh chilled milk packets without any adulteration. I trusted them and I’m enjoying the rich, creamy texture of traditional cow’s milk everyday effortlessly now!


Hear From Our Customers!

I prefer Kabilai for their care for the environment and consumers with high quality standards and perfect packaging on eco friendly milk packets! It’s been a year since I started subscribing for their monthly subscription plans and I must applaud for not disappointing me even for a day!


Hear From Our Customers!

Being a homemaker, I’m particular about the hygiene and quality standards of milk I purchase for my family! Kabilai delivers farm fresh hygiene milk with rich texture and taste of traditional cow’s milk on doorstep. They ensure high standards in milk products with various quality checks.


Hear From Our Customers!

Kabilai is the final stop for fresh cow milk in Chennai! I was in search of farm fresh cow’s milk without any adulteration for 2 years. Finally, I found Kabilai’s high-quality standards, perfect packaging with instant chilling of cow’s milk and on-time door delivery with easy monthly subscription plans! My mornings are now filled with fresh coffees made of rich & creamy milk of our traditional desi cows!


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Are you in need of fresh milk or dairy products? Do you have any questions concerning our service? You can reach out to us on our farm during working hours.